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​​​What is "Sweat & Sip"?

Group Fitness + Music + Drinks | A social and fitness lifestyle community

Sweat & Sip is a series of pop-up fitness events focused on group fitness (yoga, HIIT, etc.), live high-energy music, and social connection over drinks. More than a series of events produced at unique locations around the city, we are a social and fitness lifestyle community.

[Launched in 2021...paused in 2022...preparing for its GLOW-UP in 2023.]

  • Community | Good Vibes & Good Friends
    Connect with others with active lifestyles.


  • Fitness | Strong Body...Strong Mind
    Enjoy a fun workout.


  • Wellness | Promoting Whole-Person Wellness
    Share health tips together.


  • Motivation | Energy For Life
    Experience a collective energy and bring motivation along with you the rest of your week!


Follow our community and stay tuned for upcoming event announcements at @SweatAndSipFitness on Instagram!

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